Master's Thesis

The Development of a Source Level Measurement Instrument and its Application to Performance Measurements of the Inprise Application Server and JBoss EJB Containers


Ronald Blaschke, MSc



Java, EJB, Performance, Measurements, Preprocessor, Embedded, Language

Document Information

Status: Completed


Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) is a server-side component architecture for Java, created by Sun Microsystems. EJB is an extensive architecture, and various companies and groups took the challenge implementing it. Measuring the performance of an implementation if it suits ones needs could be worthwhile. At a broader scope, the same is true for the application to be developed, which uses the EJB Container, or for applications in general.

A tool to insert measurement code into the application source is created. This is achieved by embedding a language into Java to specify the points of interest. Using a combination of runtime library and preprocessor, the Measurement System (MSys) is very powerful and can easily be extended beyond its original scope.

MSys and the EJB Containers of the Inprise Application Server and JBoss are put to their test by conducting some experiments, including memory management, Bean-to-Bean communication, Handles, Container Managed Persistence (CMP), Stateful Session Bean activation and a stress test.