A Heuristic Evaluation of a World Wide Web Prototype

A Heuristic Evaluation of a World Wide Web Prototype [4]


The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) started very early (in 1994) developing a web interface. They took it slowly and started with a prototype, which was evaluated by them via a heuristic evaluation method, proposed by Jakob Nielsen. The method is cheap and includes UI experts and developers. In this case study the authors show details and results of their process.

Best Things

The paper is very well written and the steps of their evaluation can easily be followed. The results and their consequences, as well as their reasons, are explained.



Question to Authors

What is the status of the project now?

Article Questions

  1. What method did they use to evalute the prototype?

  2. Both, UI experts and developers were involved in the evaluation. Why were the developers involved?

My Opinion

Very good example for prototyping in real life. It shows that prototyping pays off and evaluation is not only for experts.